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Let Go of the System': How Can Parents & Teachers Stop CSCOPE?


"Get your kids out of the public school system."


On Thursday TheBlaze along with The Glenn Beck Program delved deeply into the controversial curriculum system sweeping Texas schools known as CSCOPE. From issuing gag orders on teachers to bar them from talking about lesson plans, to preventing parents from obtaining information about what their children are being taught, the way CSCOPE operates almost seems like a work of fiction. Disturbingly, it is not.

Following up on issues covered by his panel the night before, Beck on Friday discussed what teachers and parents can actually do to stop the effects of what's being called an "oppressive" curriculum management system.

"The best thing is to educate yourself as a teacher on what it [CSCOPE] is," Beck said. "As a parent, get your kids out of the public school system... Do not let another day go by with kids being indoctrinated."

Historian and Texas native David Barton said parents should broach the subject with the curriculum directors of their children's schools and engage the school superintendent.

"Teach kids what is right," Barton said.

Barton and Pat Gray both said it's important for parents and teachers to focus on their school boards and, more pointedly, the local election process, because citizens are most effective at the local level.

Barton explained that CSCOPE is operating outside of Texas, typically under the generic Common Core standards name and that there are variations of CSCOPE in other states.

The public education and traditional university system is "killing our ingenuity," Beck said.

He noted that there have been many successful people, including famed CEOs and entrepreneurs, who did not go the route of traditional education. Beck qualified that wasn't saying education is not important, but that the system by which it's sometimes delivered can be inherently flawed.

"Don't let go of education, but let go of the system," Beck said. "You can think out of the box."



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