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Was a Second Drone Spotted Flying in New York City?


"Unusual incident"

Late Sunday, Gothamist reporter Christopher Robbins tweeted that he heard of a potential drone sighting over the NYPD scanner.


If this was the case, it would make it the second (reported) unmanned aerial vehicle sighting in the area within the week. Last Monday, an Alitalia pilot told air traffic controllers he spotted another aircraft as he approached the runway at John F. Kennedy Airport. The FBI launched an investigation into what was said to be a 1-meter-long device that would have been flying in restricted airspace.

This latest supposed drone incident, Robbins noted on Twitter at the time, occurred near the Long Island Expressway near exit 23. This exit would place the sighting in the city's Queens borough, a little more than five miles from LaGuardia International Airport.

The NYPD police scanner reportedly had a sighting of a drone on the LIE near exit 23. (Image: Google Maps)

Robbins, an hour after his initial tweet though, posted that the police scanner had updated the NYPD's stance based on its investigation calling it a "negative result."




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