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MSNBC Host Flips Out Over Soda Ban Being Overturned -- Accuses Soft Drink Makers Of 'Poisoning Children


"These companies feel like they have to produce poison for you and your children."

Image: MSNBC

Following a New York court's 11th-hour ruling that overturned Mayor Bloomberg's "soda ban," at least one liberal TV host could not contain her anger. MSNBC and "Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski was not just visibly upset by the news, she went on a bit of a crazed rant that included some strong accusations.

Image: MSNBC

A few of the charges and outrageous statements made this morning from the host:

  • Industry groups like theater owners serve popcorn that is so full of salt it will kill you and these big drinks that you sit for two hours and drink and become sick... uh, they were elated. (:32 into the clip)

  • Oh, look at this! (mocking tone) The American Beverage Association is relieved because they can continue to make money poisoning people. (:52 into the clip)

  • At some point there will be a clamp down on the beverage industry, just like the cigarette industry. And they will wear a black hat. (3:53)

  • Legal action will continue until they are brought down... Until they stop putting sugar, salts, and terrible fats into our food and making them addictive.

  • Don't be mad at me about that, be mad that you buy this stuff again and again and again. These companies feel like they have to produce poison for you and your children. (5:20 into the clip)

  • I'm just saying, it's killing us and it's killing our children. It's liquid sugar and sugar is poison. (5:40 into the clip)


Joe Scarborough made an effort to temper his co-host's outrage, saying, "“Most New Yorkers agree with this judge. Don’t tell us what to drink.” Mika did not care about public opinion, she was on a mission to deliver her message and continued.

When Brzezinski talked about the companies feeling like they have to "produce poison", Scarborough tried to reign her in, “Stop it. Stop it, I think I’ve given you enough lead here. Reel it back in on this.” (5:20 into the clip)

Most of the "Morning Joe" on-camera crew was not as strident as Ms. Brzezinski. At one point a staffer was seen wearing a hat with two "Big Gulp" drinks from 7-11 while discussing the constitutionality of the soda ban.

Image: MSNBC

The contrary point of view only seemed to inspire Brzezinski into more rants on what she considers to be toxic foods.

Watch the segment here.



Judge Overturns NYC's Soda Ban

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