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The White House has tough words for Cruz, Paul & Lee


The threat of a filibuster to thwart Democrats' plans for increased gun control brought out some fightin' words from the Obama White House yesterday.

To quote press secretary Jay Carney, a filibuster would be... "unfortunate."  Eek.

Carney said he hasn't spoken with President Obama about the threat, but the White House position is clear.

"Filibusters of efforts to move forward with common-sense measures to reduce gun violence would be unfortunate," he said. "We have worked with Congress, with the Senate, to try to advance the elements of the president’s plan that require legislative action and these again are common-sense measures.

"Closing gun-show loopholes, that’s an idea that has something like 90 percent support in the United States, by some polls has a majority of support among gun owners in America, support among Republicans and independents. We ought to be able to do this. But it's hard and we're continuing to work with Congress to get it done."

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