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The Moment a Man Is Rammed by a 1,500-lb Bison -- and Survives!


"Very, very, very lucky that he wasn't killed."

(Image: Wayne Ebenroth/KSL video screenshot)

It might be called Antelope Island, but in the Utah state park a creature far larger than the leggy, deer cousin gave a visitor the scare of his life over the weekend.

The incident involved an unnamed man, a 1,500-pound bison and a chain link fence.

KSL reported park manager John Sullivan saying witnesses claimed the man rattled the fence and others said he threw rocks, provoking the bison.

(Image: Wayne Ebenroth/KSL video screenshot)

Wayne Ebenroth of Idaho, who was taking pictures of the bison in the park while his wife participated in the Buffalo Run 100 race, captured the whole ordeal. He explained to KSL that the animal had gone through a gated section. He believed the man did something to attract the bison and the animal "decided to pay him a visit."

"[The bison] just was not comfortable with how close he was hanging out with him," Ebenroth told KSL.

(Image: Wayne Ebenroth/KSL video screenshot)

On Final Kick Event's Facebok page -- a group that sponsors running events -- Ebenroth wrote that he "managed to get this picture like 2 minutes before the race start probably 1/5 a mile from the starting line."

Sullivan said the unnamed man involved in the incident claims to have not provoked the animal. Amazingly, given the images of the charge, the man although "embarrassed" was "none the worse for wear." Still, Sullivan noted the man was "very, very, very lucky that he wasn't killed."

(Image: Wayne Ebenroth/KSL video screenshot)

Sullivan advised people photographing or observing such animals be aware of the warning signs they will give when they feel defensive.

"They'll huff, they'll lower their heads, they'll paw at the dirt," Sullivan told KSL. "Their tails usually go rigid and come up. Any one of those things is an indication that you're either too close or they're getting aggravated."

(Image: Wayne Ebenroth/KSL video screenshot)

He added that he recommends staying further than 30 yards away to give yourself a chance to outrun them if necessary.

If you'd like to see KSL's video, which includes interviews with Sullivan and Ebenroth, check it out here.

(H/T: Gawker)

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