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The Creepy Yard Decorations That Are Driving One Couple's Neighbors Crazy


"It's a doll. It's plastic. It can't get hurt."

(Image: WYFF screenshot)

Editor's note: some of the images and video below might be considered disturbing.


Flower borders, bird baths and garden gnomes might be many a person's yard decoration of choice, but it's certainly not how everyone would choose to adorn the outside of their home.

Larriatt McHale and her boyfriend Brad Kennedy, who WYFF reports are self-professed Halloween fans, choose to decorate their South Carolina yard with dolls. Dolls that are hung, stabbed, impaled and otherwise abused. There's even a fire pit full of dolls.

(Image: WYFF screenshot)

(Image: WYFF screenshot)

Here's what the pair had to say about the unusual decorations:

"[My boyfriend] is the one who put the noose in the tree and came up with the idea of putting shackles on the baby, even though he won't admit it," McHale said.

"It's nothing negative," Kennedy said. "Just like a little creativity, like demons in your mind. Just trying to express yourself, basically."

McHale said in the report, they find items on the street, like a dart for instance, and use that in their doll decorations.

(Image: WYFF screenshot)

(Image: WYFF screenshot)

"It's a doll. It's plastic. It can't get hurt," McHale, a mother of four, said.

"We're not doing it to be negative people," McHale added later. "I don't hate people or anything."

Watch WYFF's report:

The reporter in the video said the couple believes their yard is artwork imitating life.

"I want other parents to look up and say 'hey, this could happen to my kid. Maybe I need to watch 'em better,'" McHale said.

Although WYFF reported neighbors calling it an "abomination" and saying they want the dolls gone, the Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement said they have not received formal complaints, nor do the decorations violate any codes.

See more images of the yard here.



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