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Rush Limbaugh Agrees With Russian President Vladimir Putin on This Issue -- and It's Got Him 'Freaked Out


"I have to tell you that it freaks me out that Vladimir Putin is saying things I agree with."

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin addresses the BRICS summit in Durban on March 27, 2013. Leaders from the BRICS group of emerging powers failed to launch a much-anticipated new development bank to rival Western-dominated institutions like the World Bank. (Image: Getty)

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, watches a military exercise at the Rayevsky shooting range at Anapa, a Russian Black Sea resort, on Friday, March 29, 2013. Thousands of Russian troops participated in a military exercise in the Black Sea on Friday, aimed at showcasing Russia's resurgent military might. Putin attended the drill that also involved 30 navy ships, dozens of combat aircraft and hundreds of armored vehicles. At right is Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Credit: AP

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday revealed that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin actually agree on an issue -- and it's got him "freaked out."

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