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MSNBC's Martin Bashir Attacks Thatcher After Death: She Seemed to Embody a 'Selfishness

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Photo Credit: MSNBC

News of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's death has reverberated throughout the world. While many have celebrated the politician's life, some have come out with less-than-favorable -- and plainly vile -- comments in the wake of her passing.

It seems MSNBC's Martin Bashir is among those using a more critical tone in discussing the former prime minister, taking aim at her governance and proclaiming that she embodied a "kind of selfishness."

"At the same time, she was developing this notion, economically, that regulation was a problem. And so, many city bankers and individuals in the financial community felt completely unleashed to do what they wanted. And the result was a kind of flagrant excessive and ostentatious pursuit of cash," Bashir said of Thatcher's policies.

Then, after making a additional statements about her outlook, he uttered perhaps his most controversial assertion: "Gordon Brown wrote a book, I remember called 'Where There Is Greed,' which was basically a critique of the kind of selfishness she seemed to embody."

Bashir also quoted Thatcher to shed light on her overarching views on society -- ideologies he clearly disagrees with profoundly.

"If you'll remember...in 1987, about 8 years after she won that first election, she said at a party conference: 'There is no such thing as Society, there are only individual men and women and their families,'" the host continued. "And that actually defined what she felt about domestic policy."

While he called her effective in helping break up the Soviet Union, at home, he said she was divisive.

Watch these comments, among others, below:

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