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Read Veteran Teacher's Witheringly Scornful Resignation Letter: 'I Am Not Leaving My Profession…It No Longer Exists\


"This whole thing is being driven by people who know nothing about education. It's sad."

After proudly teaching at New York's Westhill High School for 27 years, Gerald "Jerry" Conti decided it was time to retire. It's not that he didn't have anything left in the tank, but he feels the education system has "failed" America's children and the teachers who desperately want to teach them.

Conti, 62, posted the text of his resignation letter on Facebook on March 29. Also included in the post was a photo of Porky Pig proclaiming "That's All Folks!"

The Huffington Post explains what's in his letter:

The letter lays out why, after several decades, Conti believed he had to call it quits. Conti points the blame at legislators who "failed us by selling children out to private industries such as Pearson Education," a testing company. He argued the New York State United Teachers union failed its members by not mounting an effective campaign against standardized testing, and said there's now a "pervasive atmosphere of distrust" preventing teachers from developing their own tests and quizzes.

"After writing all of this I realize that I am not leaving my profession, in truth, it has left me. It no longer exists," Conti wrote in the letter.

Conti told the Post-Standard that his ire wasn't directed at the local school district but rather at the "larger forces" of education reform.

"This whole thing is being driven by people who know nothing about education,” he told the Post. "It's sad."

Read Conti's entire resignation letter below:

Gerald Gerald Conti’s retirement letterConti Letter

Featured image provided to the Post-Standard by Gerald Conti

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