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Sessions on Immigration Reform Debate: There's Been Too Much Talk on Politics, Too Little on Substantive Impact


The bipartisan 'Gang of Eight' in the Senate will release their long-awaited bill next week after months of speculation. While the discussion around immigration reform in 2013 seems to have revolved entirely around the politics of the long awaited 'Gang of Eight' plan, some Senators on both sides of the aisle have adamantly questioned where and what are the policy details of the plan. On Monday, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions released 10 Questions for the Gang of Eight, including; is this bill enforcement first or legalization first? What are the concrete metrics used to measure border security? And who gets amnesty and how many?

"It's been far too much talk politically, about what the politics is and should be, and how to handle it politically," Sessions said on 'Wilkow!' Friday regarding the current national discussion on immigration reform. "And too little on the substantive impact, and whether or not if we're still going to have massive illegality that will come back to bite us a few years further down the road."

Watch a clip below from the Senator's appearance on TheBlaze TV where he discusses with Andrew Wilkow the 'Gang of Eight,' the important issues for all Americans that cannot be lost in this immigration reform debate, and why immigration reform attempts in the past have fallen short or not produced their ideal results.

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