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Undocumented Immigrant' Used on...Fox News?

Image: TheBlaze's Jonathon Seidl via Twitter @jonseidl

The announcement from the Associated Press this month that it was dropping the term "illegal immigrant" or "illegal" to describe people residing in the U.S. against the law was met with strong reaction, particularly on Fox News.

And so it was with that that TheBlaze's Jon Seidl noticed the network on Friday slipped the term "undocumented" -- rather than "illegal" -- onto the screen during "America Live with Megyn Kelly." He tweeted a photo of the graphic:

Image: TheBlaze's Jon Seidl via Twitter @jonseidl

Kelly herself used the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrant" in reporting the story -- about an illegal immigrant ruled incompetent to stand trial in the dragging death of a Massachusetts motorcyclist, in part because of his "unique cultural background" and the language barrier.

Kelly made no reference to the word "undocumented" on the screen with her. Still, in 2010, she specifically questioned a campaign to get journalists to stop using "illegal."

"How far do you take this?" Kelly asked at the time. "You could say a burglar is an unauthorized visitor. You could say that a rapist is a non-consensual sex partner."

There does not appear to be a blanket policy across all of Fox News governing the use of "illegal immigrant" or its alternatives: A FoxNews.com story posted Friday refers to "illegal immigrants," while Fox News Latino has long used "undocumented" on its website.

A Fox News spokesperson referred TheBlaze to FoxNews.com and Fox News Latino.



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