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New York Times Publishes & Then Revises Article Mocked as Too Sympathetic to Boston Bomber Suspects



As certain “new media” outlets continue to try to piece together the puzzle that is the Brothers Tsarnaev, one “traditional media” outlet on Friday published a seemingly sympathetic article on the suspected Boston Bombers:

The Daily Caller.

Before all the facts are in, before either brother has been formally accused of anything (remember, they’re still suspects), the New York Times actually published a piece titled, “Far from war-torn homeland, trying to fit in.”

Soon after the article went live, The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher took screen shots and distributed them on social media.

The Times, roundly mocked for its seemingly sympathetic ode to the suspected Boston Bombers, eventually tweaked the article, according to TheDC’s Christopher Bedford.

“[T]he Times changed the layout of the page to one more seemingly aware of the hundreds of victims and their friends and families, the entire United States and much of the non-terrorist planet,” Bedford writes.


The newly-revised article has done away with the phrases “war-torn” and “trying to fit in.”

“The image of a man looking at an image of one of the suspected terrorists is still on the page and links to a boring video about what Chechnya is,” Bedford notes.

Now it’s important to note that, and Bedford back us up on this, article layouts are usually done by editors and not by the actual journalist. So an editor is most likely responsible for the first edition of the "War-Torn" article.

“When TheDC performed a Google search for ‘far from homeland, trying to fit in,’ the original title and layout was apparent. The two links at the top of the page link to the same page on The New York Times’ website,” TheDC notes:


“But a Google search still shows that someone at The New York Times is an idiot,” Bedford flatly states. “Google is often a nuisance to public figures and institutions because it makes it more difficult to hide stupidity.”

Click here to read TheDC’s full story.

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