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TheBlaze Readers React to Beck's Latest on Saudi National Once Considered 'Person of Interest' in Boston Bombings


"This is bigger than the Watergate Scandal..."

A photograph of part of the event file created on Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. (Photo: TheBlaze)

For over a week, Glenn Beck and TheBlaze have been covering the Saudi angle of the Boston Marathon bombings.  The story largely centers around one man, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who was originally identified as a "person of interest" in the attack.  He has, as Beck noted, gone from “person of interest, to witness, to victim, to nobody," but last Wednesday, Beck revealed new information on the story -- like that Alharbi was described as "armed and dangerous" in his government event file.

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Here's how you have responded:


Never thought I’d see the day that our government would play both ends against the middle. Or perhaps some form of triangulation. Who can truly say.
This admin. is showing its hand thru its manipulation of facts which are extremely frustrating for an individual who likes to employ common sense. Nor is it in the interest of our Republic.
“The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”, and of course, “Never Let a Catastrophe Go to Waste”.
They are not of our Republic and therefore, neither is their way of thinking or doing.
When I want to secure my home, I don’t leave the back door open.
A Captain sees that a ship is sealed during a storm. A CEO of a company makes decisions in the best interest of the company and its employees. Integrity…something our country lacks and is proving to be reckless. And being reckless is not in sync with our Constitution.
If an individual is sworn to uphold our Constitution and to protect the “Citizens” of our nation, yet does everything possible that would prove harmful in ignoring the responsibility, It is “Reckless” – plain & simple.
Then what does it mean??? Perhaps instead, if you are that reckless ceo/president et al, and the Good is not your goal…perhaps you are seeking a hostile takeover by slight of hand. I’m not a think tank kind of individual but I suspect I know what is at play. At least with one side of my brain. It’s the other side which chooses to stand by in hopes of a sign that my suspicions are wrong.


If Beck’s research does not reveal some truth then tell us what does? Who else is digging into this? What have they found? Make an argument. As I stated last week. We’ve seen the best of our government and the worst of our government in the Boston tragedy. The best coming from our local authorities and the worst once again coming from our federal authorities. Canada and Spain thwarted their recent attempts. We did not. Why? Beck is not always right but he’s batting about .750. The mainstream media is like Wall Street. They try to predict about 10% of the time but mostly they are 90% reactionary. Providing incite when it is most useless but making you feel slightly better like,”I hope we don’t get fooled again.” Beck and Rush try and predict and forecast instead of react and that is what makes them different. I’ll take a guy that is right 3 out of 4 times then 1 out of 20. What did you guys do? You hoped the bomber was Ted Nugent. Wrong again!


Sure makes one wonder what lengths they will go to try and cover this up. For example, I can’t help but wonder if the ricin thing has any ties to this. They arrested the “KING” only to let him go a few days later? What is that all about? If someone tried to send the president of the United States ricin then isn’t that attempted assignation? The arrest of the guy came about the same time that they began back-tracking from the Saudi-man. Was that just an attempt to take our focus away from the Boston bombing? But then after the other two suspects came into the picture they backed away from the ricin suspect? It’s just so much happened that week; it seems inconceivable that none of them would be related in some way.

And I hate to say it, but I think Beck is wrong. No one in the administration will be held accountable. They WILL get away with this just as they have been getting away with everything else.


So what? Not one shred of any evidence links this kid to the Chechen bombers. He was injured in the blast. He’s enrolled in the HYPERLINK "" He went to classes there and took winter break vacation at Disney World and Key West. He’s a fan of Ellen DeGeneres and other bits of US pop culture. Glenn is way out on thin ice with this nonsense.


-Alharbi was at the Boston Marathon where and when the bombs went off.
-Was put into the hospital shortly after
-Barrack and Michelle Obama visited him in the hospital secretly
-All these files, (the one Glenn is presenting) is now being deleted, or changed to support the DHS’s statements regarding this “VIP” Saudi National. First they say he is a suspect (as addressed on the media as a “Dark Skinned Man”), then they say he isnt, then they say he is a witness, then say he was just an innocent spectator who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The matter isn’t really whether or not this man is related to the Boston Bombings, the real issue is the fact that the FBI labeled this man as a Terrorist and now after the bombings, they are covering up the files and facts and potentially flying this guy out of the country under the noses of Americans, while the DHS and Obama Administration run a miss-information campaign. This is bigger than the Watergate Scandal and goes back to the Bush Administration and the 9/11 attacks, possibly even the Clinton Administration.

The Bush Administration shipped out a ton of Saudi Nationals after 9/11, the same thing is now happening again under this Administration only its on one man, or a small group of people. This article is the key chuck of the evidence that FBI and DHS is trying to cover up.


Let me get this straight: Fast & Furious was just a continuation of The Bush program except modified, The Doctor who led us to Bin-Laden is in a Pakistani Hell Hole Prison, The Fort Hood Shooter who yelled out “Allah Akbar” while he was killing innocent military people is classified as “Workplace Violence” and he has even gotten a promotion while in prison, A film maker is in prison while being blamed for Benghazi (which was a gunrunning operation to the Muslim Brotherhood), The Newtown shooting is blamed on extreme right wing ideals and the law abiding citizens are going to be penalized, The Boston Bombers are a result of protest against the Iraqi war and got their bomb making skills from a magazine, The President cannot even utter the words “Islamic Terrorist” and Moochelle decides to visit the Saudi Terrorist while in prison yet never checks on any Americans…..and the left believes all this load of crap….GD…. We are in trouble


With nothing but the greatest amount of respect and appreciation for Glenn and his people I must say, I fear this story will NOT EVER get traction with the main stream media UNLESS the link is made between Ali Alharbi and the events in Boston. The same kind of non-sense took place after 9/11- with sketchy Saudis being hustled out of the country and history shows that nobody cared. I believe there is enough good information out there that may link Alharbi to the bombings and/or JFK fire. I want to know where Alharbi was at the time of the explosions- surely he would be on camera fleeing- especially with his ‘burns’ and all. I want to know more about the details of the JFK library fire. Why was an ‘incindiary device’ mentioned within 24 hours of the incident by a Boston official at a news conference? How did Alharbi suffer burns but no shrapnell if he was injured by the marathon explosions? Any witnesses that can put Alharbi at the library rather than at the marathon finish line- any video footage at or around the library? What exactly did the FBI find in the search of Alharbi’s apartment and person? I have no interest in convicting or condemning an innocent man but there is certainly enough probable cause to investigate this matter further. God bless us all and God bless the United States of America.


When are Americans going to demand the end to cover-ups that affects our lives???
Benghazi still has no blame for the worst kind of attack on Our Soil, US Consulate. Persons at the top in government should pay for this kind of negligence, even whether its Hillary or Obama.

A 212.3B warning was in the file of a Saudi National. The Saudi Ambassador had an unscheduled meeting with Obama after the Boston bombing. This is very concerning! Who is this guy, where is he now? What is the truth about him? Where was he at the time of during the day of the marathon bombings?
We are allowing ourselves to be treated as lambs waiting to be slaughtered, Every adult American should demand answers from the President as well as unceasing investigations to get at the truth from all of their representatives in Washington. Make it short and poignant.

“Dear Rep. I demand that you get me the truth regarding this Saudi National, Abdul Rahman Ai Alharbi, who had a 212.3B warning (terrorist) in his file, resided in Boston after entering the US as a student, without evidence of his attending the school in Ohio, and showed up in a hospital right after the Marathon terrorist attack. Was Obama or Michelle involved in any manner regarding the disposition of this person’s status or involvement in terrorism activities?”



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