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Jay Carney Unable to Answer Questions Regarding Alleged Benghazi 'Stand Down' Orders


"The Department of Defense has addressed this."

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Monday was unable to answers questions regarding Gregory Hicks, deputy chief of mission for the U.S. in Libya, saying recently that U.S. Special Forces were told to “stand down” during the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi.

“The Department of Defense has addressed this,” Carney said in response to Ed Henry’s question about the alleged "stand down" order. “I don’t have access to the interviews that I think have been referred to and some of the news reports.”

Carney continued, arguing that the official response to the attacks has already been thoroughly examined by the Accountability Review Board and White House officials.

“[Greg Hicks] is challenging the credibility of the White House,” Henry persisted. “You don’t care about what he’s saying? Do you think he’s lying?”

Carney responded by emphasizing his faith in the ARB's findings:

Carney’s remarks, as noted by Henry, directly contradict Hicks’ testimony.

“The account from Gregory Hicks is in stark contrast to assertions from the Obama administration, which insisted that nobody was ever told to stand down and that all available resources were utilized,” Sharyl Attkisson reports.

Her bombshell report continues:

According to excerpts released Monday, Hicks told investigators that SOCAFRICA commander Lt. Col. Gibson and his team were on their way to board a C-130 from Tripoli for Benghazi prior to an attack on a second U.S. compound "when [Col. Gibson] got a phone call from SOCAFRICA which said, 'you can't go now, you don't have the authority to go now.' And so they missed the flight ... They were told not to board the flight, so they missed it."

No assistance arrived from the U.S. military outside of Libya during the hours that Americans were under attack or trapped inside compounds by hostile forces armed with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and AK-47 rifles.



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(H/T: Washington Free Beacon). Featured image Getty Images.

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