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New York City Council Considers Non-Citizen Suffrage


Despite attempted and successful bans on smoking, trans fats, butter in school lunches and large sugary drinks, lawmakers in New York City are considering a proposal to let non-citizen residents vote in municipal elections. The Associated Press reports on the new proposal being considered by the City Council:

The measure, aired at a City Council hearing Thursday, would make New York the biggest locale to let non-citizens cast ballots. Advocates estimate that more than 800,000 green card and visa holders would be able to help choose the mayor, council members and other city officials.

The proposal opens up larger questions on the value of citizenship in light of the on-going immigration reform battle on Capitol Hill. Should legal stakeholders in a community have the right to vote? Are there values of citizenship though taken for granted in these types of policies? Watch the 'Real News' panel debate:

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