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Dramatic Cell Video Shows the Moment Police Smashed Open Front Door of Cleveland Kidnap Home


"We just seen cops and then out of nowhere all we see Amanda walking by saying, 'I'm Amanda Berry.'"

Photo Credit: CBS News

Photo Credit: CBS News

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight made national news after being released from nearly a decade in confinement. The details of their incredible and horrific story continue to emerge, as newly-available cell phone video shows the dramatic police rescue that inevitably freed them from alleged captor, Ariel Castro.

In the footage, authorities can be seen running toward the home and ramming down the door. The clip was captured on a cell phone by two women who were at the scene when the rescue unfolded.

According to The New York Post, Jasmina Baldrich and Ashley Colón, two locals, thought they were being pulled over by police. But instead, authorities were rushing to the home where Berry, DeJesus and Knight were being held.

Once police arrived, they rushed to the front door and proceeded to undertake a forcible entry. Baldrich, who pulled over during what she assumed would be a traffic stop, took out her phone and captured the gripping scene. The Daily Mail has more about the incident, including the women's shock when they realized that Berry, a missing person who was known in the area, had been inside of the home:

In the video, cops can be seen prying open the front door of Castro's house. Once open, they flood into the home, some reaching for their handguns.

[Baldrich and Colón] also said that they saw a woman pass who claimed that she was Amanda Berry, and they couldn't believe their ears.

Miss Baldrich told 'We just seen cops and then out of nowhere all we see Amanda walking by saying, "I'm Amanda Berry."'

Like others in the community, Miss Baldrich was familiar with the Amanda Berry case, and were shocked to find the missing woman, clutching her six-year-old daughter.

CBS News has more about the clip in question:

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