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NBC correspondent wonders why Dems aren't more outraged over IRS scheme


You know things are bad for Democrats when even NBC is in doubt...

In this case, NBC News' Tom Brokaw and Chuck Todd both expressed dismay this morning over the unfolding IRS intimidation scheme targeting conservative activist groups leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

Via Mediaite:

President Obama needs to go public and deem the IRS’ actions outrageous and unacceptable, Brokaw asserted. He needs to find those responsible and clean house. It’s not a political issue, Brokaw contended — “it’s about trusting your government.”

Todd jumped into the discussion, asserting that Obama had a chance to address the issue on Friday during a health care event. It was a wasted opportunity, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney‘s “very weak” response wasn’t sufficient. [...]

“Where was the sense of outrage?” he asked, noting he couldn’t tell why the White House didn’t better address the matter. “This story has more legs politically in 2014 than Benghazi.”


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