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Was The White House Caught in a Lie About IRS Shakedown of Conservative Groups?


"A Chicago crime syndicate [is] running our country right now."

After the IRS was publicly outed for specifically targeting conservative organizations, damage control is now underway as the White House attempts to distance itself from the debacle.

In fact, President Obama on Monday called reports that the IRS targeted conservative groups "outrageous" and said anyone responsible should be held accountable. 

On Monday evening, Glenn Beck, along with Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, explored the administration's contradictions and assertions that it knew nothing about the government agency's probe into conservative groups.

Contradicting claims that the administration only just became aware of the event, Sekulow told Beck on Monday evening that the White House Counsel’s office was notified of the IRS issue three weeks ago.

Toby Marie Walker of the Waco Tea Party was also on the program to explain what happened after she applied for tax status. She said the IRS repeatedly sent letters -- some asking for what she described as  unreasonable information -- and given less than 90 days to reply. The due date on many of the letters was September 11.

"We're talking about minuscule amounts of money."

Maria Acosta, of the Central Texas 9/12 Project had a similar experience. What made her "shake her head," however, was that the IRS asked for login details to her organization's website. The login details would of course give the government access to all behind the scenes operations and information about the 9/12 group's daily affairs.

Beck noted that he was in fact surprised that the White House apologized for the fact that the IRS targeted the Tea Party groups, but questioned their purported lack of knowledge about the events beforehand.

Recall that even back in 2012 it was revealed that high-ranking IRS officials knew that conservative groups were being inappropriately targeted. This is an entire year before another official denied such targeting was going on. The terms: tea party, patriot, or 9/12 were honed in on for attack, Beck said.

Perhaps in an effort to distance himself from the issue, the president qualified that the IRS is independent of the White House.

The IRS, which also targeted a pro-Israel group, said it only did this because of threats of terrorism in America. Yet Muslim Brotherhood front groups are allowed to conduct their daily affairs free of scrutiny.

"A Chicago crime syndicate [is] running our country right now."


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