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26-Year-Old Woman Stabbed and With a Knife to Her Throat Fights Back...with a Gun


"...[D]on't do anything stupid."

(Photo: WXMI-TV screen shot)

26-year-old Samantha Minehart was just trying to spend some time with her horse. But an attacker with a knife had another idea. Fortunately for Samantha, she did, too.

It all happened on Wednesday around 11 am, in broad daylight, in Castleton Township, Michigan. While tending to her horse, a man wielding a knife came up behind Samantha, put the weapon to her throat, and told her "don't do anything stupid."

That didn't stop him. He attacked, stabbing Samantha in the stomach and leg leading to 11 stitches. There's even a mark on her neck where the knife hovered.

(Photo: WXMI-TV screen shot)

(Photo: WXMI-TV screen shot)

(Photo: WXMI-TV screen shot)

But Samantha wasn't going to take it without putting up a fight. See, this wasn't the first time the family had been attacked on their farm, and Samantha was carrying a gun just in case. She used it, firing two shots at the attacker. She missed, but he fled.

“This is the third time we’ve had the police out here and last time there was two people here.” Samantha's mom Patty told WXMI-TV. “Nobody, none of us know who they are, we don’t know what they want.”

Police responded shortly after the shots were fired and couldn't find the suspect. Amazingly, despite a crazed knife-wielding attacker being on the loose, they told the local station there is no threat to the public.

But considering that the Minehart family is getting more prepared, there may be a threat to him if he comes back.

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