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Bleak': Former Romney adviser mocks Jay Carney's career path

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney listens to a question during the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, May 29, 2013. Credit: AP

Stuart Stevens, a columnist for The Daily Beast and former chief strategist for the Romney 2012 campaign, wrote a column Wednesday accusing the national press corp of being too soft on the Obama administration (a criticism you don't really hear that much of lately).

But also in the column, a dig at White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's career choices.

From Stevens' piece:

... Jay Carney is no stranger to testing the limits of self-respect. This is a man who left a once-great news magazine to work for Joe Biden. How bleak does your professional life have to be that you figure it’s a step up to work for the man who stole words from Neil Kinnock? I laugh every time I see some reporter trying to shame Jay into telling the truth. Please. Jay knows that in Washington, shame is for sissies and better to be a Biden stooge than a sissy.

Carney worked as Biden's spokesperson in 2009 before becoming the top White House press secretary.


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