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What's the Fox News 'mole' doing these days?


Aside from gearing for the release of his Fox News tell-all, Joe Muto is spending his time gathering garbage.

"I’m picking up trash with a work crew,” Muto told the Daily News. “I asked one guy what he’s in for, and he told me he drunkenly stole a cab and drove 20 blocks, then passed out. I said, ‘Oh, I leaked a clip of Newt Gingrich getting his hair cut by his wife.’”

Muto was... fired from Fox in summer 2012 after he was found to be leaking internal videos at the news network to the blog Gawker. He was dubbed "the Fox News mole" but he was also smoked out within 24 hours.

Fox News pressed charges against Muto for the leaks, to which he plead guilty. He is now serving 10 days of court-assigned community service and was made to complete 200 hours of community service at a nonprofit, according to the Daily News.



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