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So Many Problems in America Are Traced Directly to Immigration': Ann Coulter Goes Off on Immigration Bill


"That is a huge deal, a huge deal, and if they fail, that changes everything."

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Amid a slew of other national controversies, some fear that the significance of immigration reform has taken a back seat.  But speaking with Ann Coulter on his radio program Monday, Glenn Beck said proposed legislation would mark the "final shots" to the "fundamental transformation of this country."

Coulter agreed, saying its passage would herald the "rise of the plutocrats," and will be most devastating for those who are already struggling, "including recent immigrants, who [the left] purports to love so much," she said.

"So many problems in America are traced directly to immigration, including [the] NSA spying scandal," Coulter asserted.  "You don't need to spy on Americans if you're not letting in a lot of foreigners who want to kill us.  The crime rate went up dramatically after Teddy Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act, and it has not gone down to its pre-1965 Immigration Act levels."

But more than that, both Beck and Coulter argued that Republicans are unlikely to ever win another national election with millions of new voters statistically likely to vote Democrat.

"What could go wrong, though, if the Democrats never lost another election -- ask Detroit," Beck's co-host Stu Burguiere said sarcastically.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Coulter said the country should consider implementing an immigration moratorium similar to under former President Calvin Coolidge, which she claimed caused the economy to boom, unemployment to go down, and income inequality to narrow.

She proceeded to speculate on why many Americans don't seem concerned, suggesting it is because even some Republican lawmakers are using "liberal argumentation techniques, which is [lying]," when discussing the bill.

"Why do they keep insisting it's not amnesty? They know Americans do not want amnesty," she explained.  It also triples legal immigration, she said, creating more competition for jobs among those who are already suffering from high unemployment.

"The House can only stop this by not passing any immigration bill at all," Beck said.  "That is a huge deal, a huge deal, and if they fail, that changes everything.  Anyone who is in the Tea Party, you have nothing left."

Beck added that even though the average person may feel "tired," "beaten," or or that speaking out "won't make a difference," it is vital that they reach out to lawmakers or head to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday for the day-long Lincoln-Douglas-style debate on the issue in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Beck has been invited to join members of Congress at the event, which will link up with an already-planned Tea Party "rally" (it's officially a press conference) against the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative organizations.

"You're busy? You're busy?" Beck concluded.  "This is an emergency."

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