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Bill Ayers Is Offering a Grim Indictment of President Obama's 'Acts of Terror': 'I'd Give Him a Failing Grade


"And, yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think they’re acts of terror.”

Bill Ayers. (FBI)

Noted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers said Tuesday President Obama should be tried in the Hague for war crimes.

“What would be your rating of his presidency at this point?” Real Clear Politics’ Charlie Stone asked the former Weather Underground member. “Based upon not personality, but policy and politics. A through F.”

“I’d give him a failing grade,” Ayers responded, but added, “I don’t at all feel that Obama has let anybody down. All through the 2008 campaign, he said consistently, ‘I am a middle-of-the-road, pragmatic politician.’”

Ayers continued, praising Obama for being “charming."

"He’s also interested. He reads, you know, for example. All of that, I find, you know, good. And I liked him personally. I mean, he’s a really good guy," he said.

Rose jumped in at that point to question Ayers’ ideological consistency.

“With all due respect, you hold Johnson with disdain. You hold Bush and Nixon with disdain. But isn’t Barack Obama -- as the sole authority for drone use -- engaged in terrorist activity?” he asked.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Ayers replied.

“Do you think Barack Obama should be put on trial for war crimes?”

“Absolutely,” Ayers said without a moment’s hesitation. “Every president in this century should be put on trial. Every one of them.”

“In the Hague?”

“Absolutely. Every one of them goes into office, an office dripping with blood, and then adds to it. And, yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think they’re acts of terror.”

Ayers is most notable for his involvement in the 1970 bombing of New York City Police Department headquarters, the 1971 bombing of the United States Capitol building, and the 1972 bombing of the Pentagon.

Investigators search for clues after the May 19, 1972 Weatherman bombing of the Pentagon. (Wiki commons)

You can watch interview excerpts here.


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