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Does This Viral Video Show a Dog Burying a Friend?


"An action (by a dog) worthy of contemplation."


A heartbreaking video published on YouTube Sunday appears to show a dog sympathetically burying a dead puppy.

The Farsi title of the video, which has already been viewed more than 26,000 times, has been translated as "Provoking the Dog" by a Yahoo! News blog and "An action (by a dog) worthy of contemplation," by a YouTube user.


While it is impossible to say with certainly what the dog was actually doing, many are speculating that the animal is burying his friend. There is very little information available on the video.

"[Dogs] are amazing animals," one YouTube user wrote.

"Dogs are apparently dogs best friend too. Humans could learn a lot from our four legged friends. Thank you for this video," another wrote.

Watch the video below (Be advised: Body of deceased puppy is visible):

(H/T: Yahoo! News blog Trending Now)


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