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Former Romney adviser wants the U.S. to literally go to war with WikiLeaks

Meanwhile, member of the press who support Assange continue to be shocked-shocked!-that The News of The World tapped phone lines. (

Stuart Stevens, once an adviser to Mitt Romney, now a columnist for The Daily Beast, says WikiLeaks -- which exists for the sole purpose of publishing massive amounts of national secrets -- should be treated like al-Qaeda.

From Stevens' column:

Let’s not pretend that the actions of [Edward] Snowden, Assange, and WikiLeaks are, as once was famously said, a third-rate burglary. WikiLeaks has made clear its interest in taking on the United States. Let’s do now what we failed to with al Qaeda in the decade before 9/11: take it at its word, respect its capabilities and stated intent, and respond with our own not-so-modest capabilities to defend the United States.

The WikiLeaks Twitter account sent out a message Sunday morning indicating that it is currently aiding Edward Snowden in evading American authorities.

Snowden recently leaked confidential information on U.S spying techniques to the news media.


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