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Can You Spot the Typo on This College Diploma?


"And after all the money I give Radford..."

(Credit: Reddit)

Some typos are minor or easily corrected, and no one notices.

For instance, when a missing letter is barely noticeable and readers plow through the word without a thought.

The following typo might fall into the latter category, depending on how persnickety you are when it comes to the King's English.

But the fact remains, a misspelling on something hallowed and rather permanent is kind of a big deal.

Like misspelling the deceased's name in an obituary. Or the bride-to-be's name on a wedding invitation.

Or getting wrong a rather important word on a college diploma.

You'd think that the university in question (Radford, in Virginia's highlands region) isn't so cash-strapped that it couldn't swing a proofreader going through each piece of paper for a weekend or two. (Or maybe it did hire somebody, and the paid help simply missed the typo a few thousand times—well, 1,400 to be fair.)

According to DCist, reactions from diploma recipients ranged from "And after all the money I give Radford..." to "Hahahaha...only Radford lol."

The school acknowledged Tuesday that both undergraduate and graduate students who graduated in the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013 received the marred diplomas.

University spokesman Joe Carpenter says the error was caused when an employee retyped the narrative on the diploma after the software that produces them was upgraded in 2012.

Carpenter says corrected diplomas will be mailed to graduates as soon as possible and the school regrets the error.

So, polish up those spectacles or grab a cup of coffee and see if you can't spot it:

(Credit: Reddit)

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

(H/T: GMA)


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