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CNN reporter describes miserable Snowden-less trip to Cuba

(Credit: Guardian)

Edward Snowden, the American fugitive accused by the U.S. of espionage, never showed up for his flight from Moscow to Havana on Monday. Journalists who boarded the flight expected to see him but were left hung out to dry by the no-show.

At least they got a trip to Havana. But even that didn't pan out so well...

CNN's Phil Black described his misery in a first-person account for CNN.com:

Ah Havana. A much dreamed of travel destination for this Australian journalist. Those dreams would remain unfulfilled. I'd arrived with no accreditation or visa. I couldn't legally enter the country.

My Cuban adventure involved one hour in the transit lounge desperately negotiating with officials to allow me back on the same aircraft for the return flight to Moscow.

No rum. No sweet cigar scent. No music. But during my brief time in the soulless transit area there were still many incredibly warm Cuban smiles.

The return flight was even less eventful. Time was spent writing this account and editing the video story of our travels. In total we endured around 30 hours of pretty darn comfortable business class travel for little journalistic result.


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