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After Priest Beheading, Religious Elements of Syrian Civil War Come Under Examination

Men are poised with cameras waiting to capture photos of beheading scene in Syria, as frenzied shouts of Allahu Akbar are heard (Screenshot: Live Leak)

Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged Tuesday that peace talks to end the violence in Syria aren’t happening until at least September, as most anticipated. Many commentators see the value of those peace talks as debatable. Over the weekend, Syrian rebels, reportedly from Jabhat Al Nusra, beheaded a Catholic priest. The Vatican confirmed that the video that has gone viral showing the horror of that gruesome killing depicted a member of their clergy losing his life.  This is not the first beheading by rebel forces – the U.N. in June warned that rebels had begun using those tactics including making a 14-year-old boy watch.

On 'Real News' Tuesday the panel was joined by Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy to discuss the latest in Syria and to examine the religious influences amidst the civil war. Sunni versus Shiite versus Christian – once religion takes root in violence, does it become impossible to stop?


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