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Beyond Emotion, Is Support for Obamacare Eroding?

Beyond Emotion, Is Support for Obamacare Eroding?

"This was a plan that was never designed to work. It was designed to pass."

Supporters of President Barack Obama continue to try and draw support for the White House's signature health care reform law; closely followed by similar efforts from critics. Two new ads are out early this week from opposing sides of the Obamacare debate focusing on the stories of mothers who have children previously effected by medical crisis.

The Organizing for Action ad features a mom who is relieved her daughter won’t have to be burdened with lifetime insurance caps.

Inversely, the conservative organization Americans for Prosperity released an ad featuring a mom who is worried that the quality care her son received for his seizures will be diminished under Obamacare.

While each ad pulls at the heartstrings, what are the facts? The debate continues for the law passed over three years ago as the Obamacare implementation continues to be rocky.

Last week,the HHS announced it would delay Obamacare’s employer mandates until 2015, and the 16 states and DC who are running their own insurance exchanges have until 2015 to verify the people in the exchanges are financially qualified to be there--raising questions about the law's anti-fraud mechanisms.

With this news and the recent competing ads, Tim Carney writes in the Washington Examiner that the problem with Obamacare can be debated on whether or not you like it or dislike it in principle, but it is very difficult to defend the legislation as it now as being competent or ready for primetime.

President Obama's signature legislative achievement was simply a bad bit of legislating. The administration's decision to postpone the employer health insurance mandate is just the latest evidence that this law was poorly built.

An analogy: You may think Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings are beautiful or ugly. But that's a matter of taste, and it's a different question from whether they are built soundly.

Analogously, you may share Obama's views of government or reject it, but that's a separate issue from whether this law was well made. With Obamacare, the architects used nails where screws were needed, and the angles aren't quite right. This structure can't bear its own weight.

On 'Real News' Monday the panel debated whether or not the argument in favor of Obamacare as it is now is falling apart.

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