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Could It Really Set Your Water on Fire? A Few Popular Fracking Myths Explained...


"You can make anything sound scary if the people aren't familiar with it."

(Photo: Gasland/HBO Documentary Films via TheBlaze TV)

Fracking is still a relatively new term in the popular lexicon, and there remains a giant struggle between those in favor and those opposed as to what the ramifications of widespread fracking could be.

TheBlaze's Liz Klimas has chronicled some of the controversy -- including the report that fracking can cause your water to set on fire -- and on Thursday's episode of the Glenn Beck Program, Reason.com science editor Ronald Bailey tackled that shocking claim and a few others, having just published "The Top Five Lies About Fracking."

(Photo: Gasland/HBO Documentary Films via TheBlaze TV)

In addition to tackling the "lie" that fracking can make your water so toxic it's flammable, he explained why he believes the process doesn't poison your drinking water or give you cancer.

Among other counterpoints, he pointed to Duke University study which tested roughly 200 wells near where fracking was taking place, but found no contamination in the water.

Speaking of which - how did a few anti-fracking activists react when the Environmental Protection Agency told them their water was completely safe?  Watch the unexpected remarks in the clip, below.

"You can make anything sound scary if the people aren't familiar with it," Bailey said. "The activists have decided to target natural gas because it's so cheap that it's actually competing [with] the preferred energy sources they want: wind and solar."

Watch the entire segment on TheBlaze TV, and make sure to check out Bailey's entire post at Reason.com.

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Following the segment on fracking, show host Stu Burguiere, filling in for Glenn Beck, aired a statistics-filled segment on the history of electronic cars.

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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