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Explosive: Nancy Grace Cuts Mic of Zimmerman’s Friend After He Points Out That Trayvon Martin Was ‘on Drugs’


"Did you just say that?"

(HLN/Screengrab via Mediaite)

(HLN/Screengrab via Mediaite)

Nancy Grace on Thursday got into an extremely heated debate with Frank Taaffe, a friend of George Zimmerman, over the series of events that led to the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Taaffe argued that Zimmerman had a "legal right to carry" his firearm with him and was doing nothing wrong when he noticed a "suspicious" character.

"He was a legal concealed weapons permit carrier," he said.

For some reason, Grace was baffled by the mention of a concealed weapons permit. "A legal concealed weapons carrier," she shot back. "Did you just say that?"

Taaffe reiterated that Zimmerman was breaking no laws by carrying his gun as he had a permit to do so.

"I don't care!" Grace replied. "Jeffrey Dahmer had a legal right to have knives and a boiling pot! That doesn’t mean it’s okay!"

The two then tangled over whether Zimmerman was "just sauntering around with a gun looking to gun down a young black male."

"That's exactly-- he was sauntering around with a gun," Grace claimed.

Losing his composure, Taaffe leaned into the camera and shouted, "[Zimmerman] said he's on drugs! And they found THC in his system, did they not?"

At this, Grace ordered one of her producers to cut Taaffe's mic, effectively ending the debate.

Grace continued to mock her guest for accidentally mixing up the Revolutionary War and the Civil War when quoting her earlier in the segment.

"Yes, everyone has a right to carry a gun. But it's still extraordinary that you think it's so normal that he carries a loaded gun, live ammo, no safety to walk his dog," Grace concluded.

Watch below via HLN/Mediaite:


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