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RNC Chairman Tempers Evangelicals' Fears: 'Our Party Believes That Marriage Is Between One Man and One Woman


"...there’s only one sovereign God..."

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has a message for conservative evangelicals who may fear that more liberal social policies are on the horizon within their political party of choice: Traditional marriage is still being touted and embraced by the GOP.

While some Republicans have pushed the party to accept and advocate for same-sex unions, others are adamantly opposed. The divide on this key stance -- one that has been fully embraced by Democratic leaders like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- will likely continue to spell internal dispute for the political party.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Despite the disagreement, Priebus called the party's principles "sound" and noted that the GOP still embraces traditional sentiment on the gay marriage front.

"I do believe, and I still will tell you that our party believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. Our party believes that life begins at conception," he told CBN's David Brody. "I think those are foundational issues that aren’t going anywhere, but what I have said, which I don’t think should be controversy at all and I would think that Christians and pastors and everyone in between should agree that our principles have to be draped in the concepts of grace, love and respect and that’s not code language."

As for this latter portion of his comments, which clearly touch upon the tone in which the gay marriage discussion should progress, Priebus said that these are Biblical values found in the New Testament and that advocating these sentiments shouldn't be controversial.

“If you’re looking at the evidence, what you will see is a party that embraces life, a party that embraces marriage and a chairman that understands that there’s only one sovereign God and that we ultimately aren’t dependent on what happens in politics," the chairman added.

Watch these comments, below:

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