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MSNBC Promo: More Gov't Is the Only Answer to Fix Our Lagging Economy


"When this economy gets in trouble, we need government to help us get back to work."

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell makes no secret that he believes the solution to America's nagging economic malaise (prolonged unemployment - five years of unemployment over 7.5%, rising prices for gas and food, stagnant business growth, etc.) is very simple - more government intervention (he's also admitted to being a socialist).

Lawrence O'Donnell wants more government

O'Donnell's theory is part of a :15 second promo now running on the network.

About two years ago, MSNBC filmed a host of personality promos for their on-air talent. Since then, the network has posted the promos on their website and on a YouTube channel called "MSNBC Lean Forward." These clips feature Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and of course, O'Donnell -- all of the marquee talent from the liberal news/talk cable channel.

However, they have neglected to post one very bold and blunt one from O'Donnell's -- one that is currently being aired on the network that praises government intervention. In it, O'Donnell says:

Politics is controlling everything now. And politics is controlling trying to get this country back to work.

We know how to do it, we've known how to do it for decades! (At this point he emphatically points his finger)

We got out of the Depression. Government led the way out of the Depression. That's how we did it.

When this economy gets in trouble, we need government to help us get back to work.

What O'Donnell's promo fails to acknowledge is that government has been very involved with the anemic economy for more than five years.

President Obama's massive $832 billion dollar stimulus package has done virtually nothing to spike the employment problem. Townhall just declared the past four years of recovery to be "Feeble."

Last summer, Forbes magazine labeled Obama "The Biggest Government Spender In The History Of The World."

Detroit's bankruptcy has been in the news for less than a week, and massive government appears to be at the root of the gigantic failure of a city that was once one of America's and the world's greatest places to live and work. And yet, MSNBC and Mr. O'Donnell seem to believe the answer is more government.

Here is the entire :15 promo.

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