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Carlos Danger?' Celebrities 'hotel check-in names.' What's your fake identity?


Fake Identities. Nicknames. We've all had one. (Haven't we?) Some of those names we embrace and use throughout our lives. Others make us bristle.

Tuesday's revelation that disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner was using the name "Carlos Danger" for his online sexting sessions has brought the topic of funny nicknames into the spotlight.

Celebrities frequently check into hotels under assumed names. Whoopi Goldberg (a fake name) once confessed to this reporter that she checked into a hotel using the name Ricardo Cabeza. (Anyone who passed high school Spanish class should get that one.)

Time Magazine listed some of the biggest names in entertainment and their preferred hotel check-in names:

  • George Clooney - Arnold Schwarzenegger (that was in 2004, pre-scandal...one assumes Clooney may have chosen a new false identity.)
  • Charles Barkley - Homer Simpson (the reported reason...they're both bald)
  • Kate Beckinsale - Sigourney Beaver (Her husband, Len Wiseman says he's not exactly pleased when hotel staffers call him "Mr. Beaver.")
  • Marilyn Monroe - Zelda Zonk (is that the least sexy name ever?)

So, we want to know. Have you ever used a fake name in an online situation or another instance where you'd like to remain anonymous?

Post it here in the comments section - or on Twitter with the hash tag #BestFakeOnlineName

For the record - the author of this post has been using the online identity of "Stuntbrain" for better than 20 years. (Follow me on Twitter @stuntbrain.)

We will highlight some of the best names throughout the day.


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