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Anglers Reel in Absolutely Monstrous Catfish – Here's the Video Proof

(Credit: Yahoo News)

It's fair to say that anglers Juraj Petrovaj and Peter Caklos specialize in catfish.

And that was never more true than a recent sunny day when the Slovakian duo cast a hook into the waters near the Domasa dam with a homemade rod and—after an hour-long struggle—reeled in a 220-pound, 8-foot 5-inch catfish, Yahoo News reports.

(Credit: Yahoo News)

Experts estimated the gigantic creature was between 40 and 45 years old.

While Petrovaj and Caklos typically carry home their catches for dinner, they opted to free the huge catfish back to the water.

As it turns out, the Domasa dam has boasted a number of very large catfish encounters of late; one recent catch measured more than 7.5 feet in length.

But that pales in comparison to what's thought of as the largest catfish ever caught; it came from the Mekong River in Thailand in 2005, weighing in at a whopping 646 pounds and measuring 9 feet in length, Yahoo News reports:

The reported granddaddy of all catfish catches in Thailand (Credit: Yahoo News)

Check out the video proof of the Slovakian anglers' feat right here:



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