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Joe Scarborough Slams Ted Cruz: 'Strengthening Obama' and 'Making Our Life a Living Hell


"...to hell, not only with the Republican Party, the hell with the conservative moment."

On Monday's "Morning Joe," MSNBC host Joe Scarborough decried Sen. Ted Cruz, dismissing his recent political actions as being rooted solely in building mailing lists and attempting to, at some point, run at the national level.

Differentiating between Cruz's actions and those statements and decisions made and taken by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Scarborough said that the latter has garnered more respect "because people know that Mike Lee is doing it for reasons other than a future presidential contest."

As for Cruz, Scarborough had few positive words to describe the politician and his efforts. And he said he's not alone, charging that other GOP leaders, too, believe that the Texas senator is being disingenuous.

"I’m hearing from conservative house members -- conservative house members, that have 95, 96, 97% ACU conservative ratings -- that are saying, of Ted Cruz, this guy is making our life a living hell, by pushing things that will never work, only strengthen Obama, and they keep our people on the phone all the time," Scarborough proclaimed.

"And what they’re angry about is, that he’s doing it all to build his mailing list, so he can raise money and become a national candidate. And basically to hell, not only with the Republican Party, the hell with the conservative moment," he added.

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