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Logical Steps': U.S. Boosts Internal Security Following Terror Threat


"As always, our security posture...will continue to respond appropriately to protect the American people from an ever-evolving threat picture."

Photo Credit: DHS

As American embassies around the globe remain closed in the wake of terror fears, precaution is also being taken at home. While U.S. diplomatic posts will remain shuttered until Saturday in 19 cities throughout the Muslim world, security is also being beefed-up at the nation's airports, train stations and other travel hubs.

Photo Credit: DHS

KGO-TV reports that officials in San Francisco, California, are ensuring that these locations within the city's bounds have extra security in light of the recent threat. Authorities there didn't get into specifics, but they did note that a bulletin was received from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On Friday, ABC News confirmed that a classified bulletin was sent to cities and states across the nation.

At present, KGO-TV notes that officials are continuing to monitor locations throughout San Francisco to assess which may need additional security (other cities, too, are taking similar precautions). In addition to looking at areas through which individuals travel, scrutiny will also be placed on individuals who come into the U.S. from abroad.

The classified bulletin instructed law enforcement to be vigilant in the wake of intercepted communications that are raising concerns about a terror attack against U.S. interests. Over the weekend, ABC News reported that the FBI and DHS are both taking domestic action in an effort to protect the homeland:

The Department of Homeland Security is increasing security measures at airports, train stations and other transportation hubs, and expanding scrutiny of visitors coming into the United States, two officials told ABC News.

The FBI, meanwhile, is "working sources" and taking other "logical steps" to monitor any potential threat, an FBI official said.

While these precautions may make some Americans nervous, officials claim that there has been no mention of a potential threat within U.S. borders. But since there is mystery surrounding what the target of the threat might be, officials are taking action across the board to ensure the safety of U.S. citizens.

In a statement given to ABC News, a DHS official said: "As always, our security posture, which at all times includes a number of measures both seen and unseen, will continue to respond appropriately to protect the American people from an ever-evolving threat picture."

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