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Panhandling Prank Ends in Fist-Bumps and High-Fives After Actor Puts a Twist on Begging


"I got a promotion."

If you've ever been to New York City and taken a ride on the subway, chances are you've had the chance to experience the city's panhandlers. The ones who ride the trains and give pre-planned pitches filled with their supposed life stories are quite noticeable. So what would happen if a "panhandler" got on the train and decided to be a little more honest and put a twist on things?

The below video from College Humor shows you. In it, an actor decides that instead of telling a story meant to solicit donations, he'll talk about how great his life is. And instead of asking for money, he asks for high-fives.

The reactions he gets as people go from complete boredom to realizing his pitch is a little different are priceless:

If you're wondering about the pace and style of his voice -- that's exactly how the panhandlers on the train sound. He nailed it.

(H/T: HuffPo)

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