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Are You a Left-Brain or Right-Brain Thinker? This Image Can Tell You

Image: MindMotivations.com

Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize in 1981 for his work on what is now commonly known as right brain-left brain thinking. Sperry theorized that some very specific activities were controlled by one side of the human brain or the other -- for example, the right side controlled creative tasks, while the left side was where logic, language and reasoning lived.

People were fascinated by the idea, and in the three decades since, bookstores, television, the Internet and college psychology classes everywhere have been filled with endless discussions of the differences between right-brain, left-brain, and whole-brain thinkers.

(Ironically, Sperry's Nobel prize, like his theory, was also split: two Harvard doctors were also recognized that year in the same medicine and physiology category for their discoveries in visual system processing.)

two sides of the brain Image: Shutterstock.com

Are you right-brained or left-brained? Do you know?

The people at MindMotivations.com offer a simple test to see which side of your brain is in control. All you need to do is stare at the image of the spinning woman for 30 seconds.

Spinning Lady test Image: MindMotivations.com

What do you see? Is she rotating clockwise our counter-clockwise? Maybe she goes in one direction initially, and then changes suddenly to go the other way.

According to the Mind Motivations test:

If you see a clockwise rotation, you are a right-brain thinker.

If you see a counter-clockwise spin, you are a left-brain thinker.

Do you see the image going both directions...or would you like to try and make it spin both directions? Check out the suggestions from Mind Motivations on how to make your brain change the rotation of the spinning image.

What side of the brain do Blaze readers use most? Take our poll below.

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