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Former Muslim and Acid Attack Victim Claims Jesus Spoke to Him in a Dream, Forever Changing His Life


"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!"

(Photo Credit: CBN)

Stories about Muslims who convert to Christianity after encountering Jesus Christ in their dreams may seem far-fetched, but, as TheBlaze has reported in the past, many people claim they have personally experienced this phenomenon. In a recent interview with CBN News, Omar Mulinde, a former Muslim, described one such dream -- an experience that inevitably vanquished his hatred for Israel, while also leading him to abandon Islam.

Mulinde told the outlet that Jesus Christ once appeared to him while he slept -- and he purportedly came with a profound message. The event, which the convert deems a turning point in his life, quickly led him away from Islam.

Omar Mulinde, a former Muslim, converted to Christianity and was attacked as a result (Photo Credit: CBN)

"I was in the midst of fire crying, but I saw the people who were with me in this fire were the fellow Muslims we go with in the mosque," he told CBN. "But as I was crying at the climax of the scene, somebody shining on the right side told me that Islam is leading you to this torture. Repent, be born again, you shall survive."

At first he ignored the dream, but he claims he experienced it again. After the second time Christ appeared, Mulinde said he went to church and became a Christian, and he subsequently started a church in Uganda and became a pastor.

While Mulinde found the faith he believes God was leading him toward, his journey hasn't been an easy one.

Leaving his religion led to some major and life-threatening problems, but he knew the risks (it's not uncommon for converts in certain countries to experience violence -- even death -- as a result of leaving the Muslim faith). On Christmas Eve in 2011, two Muslims attacked him with acid. The horrific assault ate away at some of his skin, and led to the loss of an eye and ear.

During the attack, he claims his assailants yelled "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar" as they permanently maimed him.

"My conversion from Islam and my love and promotion of the love of Israel in my community taught the people on the other side to haunt me and to hunt me for a kill," he said during his CBN interview.

Today, he's forced to wear a special mask to aid in his healing, as he undergoes skin grafts and other correctivemeasures. Considering his experience, Mulinde has few favorable words for Islam.

"I am the true picture of what Islam is all about," he added.

Watch the shocking interview, below:

(H/T: Charisma Magazine)



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