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Stunning Pictures as Self-Taught Make-Up Artist Transforms Herself Into Popular Historical and Hollywood Characters


"Playing with make-up all day long"

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Getty Images/Michael Stewart (R))

Canadian make-up artist Carly Paige works at Sephora "playing with make-up all day long," according to her Facebook page. She aspires to turn being a make-up artist into a career and seems to be building a portfolio of sorts showing her work on Facebook. The self-taught artist's specialty? Transforming herself to look very much like famous celebrities and characters. And her pictures are stunningly accurate.

Consider: This is what Paige normally looks like.

carly paige Carly Paige as herself (Photo: Carly Paige/Facebook)

Here's a look at some of the work she has done compared to the subject she sought to portray.

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson (Photos: Carley Paige/Facebook (L), Getty Images/Dave Kotinsky (R))

nick cage carly paige Nicolas Cage (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole (R)

lady gaga Lady Gaga (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), AP/Wally Santana (R))

Albert Einstein (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Library of Congress (R))

Beyonce Beyonce (Photo: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), AP/Evan Agostini (R))

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian (Photo: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Getty Images/Michael Stewart (R))

yoda Yoda (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Star Wars (R))

marilyn manson Marilyn Manson (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Georges Biard/Wikimedia (R))

Mystique Marvel Comics' Mystique (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Marvel Comics/Wikimedia (R))

Jay Leno Jay Leno (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain (R))

Disney's Captain Jack Sparrow (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), AP/Peter Mountain (R))

Michael Jackson (Photos: Carly Paige/Facebook (L), AP (R))

Check out more of Paige's make-up transformations on her Facebook page. She also gives tutorials on YouTube showing how she transformed herself into some these characters.

Watch Paige morph into Christopher Walken:

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