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Ann Coulter: 'You Cannot Trust Democrats to Be Commander in Chief


"They cannot take national security seriously."

Ann Coulter on "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday morning (Photo Credit: Fox News)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter had harsh words for President Barack Obama during an appearance on Fox News Tuesday morning. In addition to lambasting Obama's handling of the Syria conflict, Coulter said Democrats simply cannot be trusted to serve as commander in chief.

Dismissing liberals who decried the Iraq War but who support action in Syria, Coulter started by pointing out some perceived cognitive dissonance.

Ann Coulter on "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday morning (Photo Credit: Fox News)

"Saddam Hussein killed 10 times as many people with chemical weapons. Five thousand Kurds in a single day and now suddenly, 'Oh no, now we must be the country that stops these genocides,'" she said. "What America should do should be in America's national security interest -- and I don't see any national security interest here."

Coulter said she doesn't think Obama sees a compelling interest for America, either, which is why he is forcing Congress to "make his decision for him." As for the red line that was drawn over chemical weapons, the conservative commentator blasted the president's handling of that issue as well.

All in all, Coulter said she believes Democrats fare poorly when coping with issues pertaining to the nation's safety and security.

"You cannot trust Democrats to be commander in chief and Americans remember that when you vote for president," she said. "They cannot take national security seriously."

Watch her comments below:

(H/T: Mediaite)




(H/T: Mediaite)

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