Video Shows George Zimmerman Getting Pulled Over Again for Speeding — See How He Responded

George Zimmerman has surfaced several times since being acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin, and now he’s back — although this time for not the greatest reason: Zimmerman was pulled over in Florida for speeding and issued a ticket. And there’s video.

The Associated Press reports Zimmerman was ticketed Tuesday morning in Lake Mary for going 60mph in a 45mph zone. A camera on the officer’s body captured Zimmerman’s initial reaction. He was respectful, saying “oh, I didn’t know, sorry,” when the officer told him his speed:

According to the New York Daily news, police did not ask Zimmerman if he was carrying a gun and he did not tell them if he was.

“We didn’t ask if he had weapons,” Public Information Officer Zach Hudson told the Daily News. “Since you can carry a gun in your car here, we generally don’t ask that question.”

The outlet says the ticket was for $256 and three points.

This is the second time we know of this summer that Zimmerman was pulled over. In late July he was pulled over outside of Dallas and let off with a warning.

Earlier in the summer, he surfaced for the first time after the trial when he assisted a family that had gotten into an accident, even helping pull one man from the wreckage.