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Bill Maher mocks Liz Cheney Senate bid: 'the artificial heart wants what it wants


On his blog, HBO "Real Time's" Bill Maher chimes in on the U.S. Senate candidacy of former Vice President Dick Cheney's daugher Liz:

After a lifetime in Virginia doing nothing much, Liz Cheney realized that what she really needs to do is represent Wyoming in the United States Senate. Never mind that she was born in Wisconsin, on a night when the moon turned the color of blood. But Wisconsin/Wyoming…same diff.

She’s challenging a right-wing cipher named Mike Enzi, and she doesn’t have any obvious policy differences with him; she’s just a Cheney, and the artificial heart wants what it wants.

Dick Cheney, 72, received a heart transplant in 2012 after a series of five heart attacks since he was 37.


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