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3rd Grader's List of Life Goals Probably Trumps Anything You Wrote at 8 Years Old


"Eat a rack of ribs that is coverd in bacon"

"Goals for Grade 3" (Image via Imgur)

You might remember your teacher asking you to make a list of goals for yourself at the beginning of the school year (heck, you might have done this for yourself for the umpteenth time just last week).

A list of "goals for the third grade" is what one boy apparently created, but he took a different approach to the usual making-the-honor-roll-type objectives. His dreams -- big and small -- are endearing and might to leave you inspired to put a few lighthearted ambitions on your next goal list.

A redditor claiming to be the boy's mother put them on the social news site in a post titled "Reach for the Stars."

goals for grade 3 "Goals for Grade 3" (Image via Imgur)

Here's a translation if you find the boyish handwriting on wide-ruled paper a wee bit difficult to read:

1. Learn the gases pushed from Hyper novas

2. Drink 1 gallon of milk in 1 day without going to the bathroom

3. find if you are sent in a worm hole or traveling in time When Entering a black hole

4. Play COd (Call of Duty) with Ethan and Matthew

5. become a nerd

6. Eat a rack of ribs that is coverd in bacon

7. learn How to

The last open-ended "how to," while it could be a mistake (or maybe he ran out of time), has some commenters saying, "that's deep."

For those wondering why a third-grade student is playing Call of Duty, a video game series rated Teen and Mature, his mother wrote that her son has not played the game but "dreams of playing it one day."

Others have questioned whether the mother prompted some of the goals on this list.

"Absolutely not. He wrote it last week, I only found it last night," the mother wrote.

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