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The 'Ridiculous' Reason Some Pittsburgh Residents Are Being Fined: 'This Could Happen Tomorrow to Any Resident


"It’s a pretty ridiculous problem, actually."

Some Pittsburgh residents are starting to worry about being ticketed for parking in their own driveways.

Although the practice isn't widespread, being regulated to just two city streets, Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor is worried that it may become a trend.

“This could happen tomorrow to any resident of the city of Pittsburgh,” said O’Connor.

“This is where I’ve been parking for over 18 years,” ticketing victim Eileen Freedman told CBS Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Building Inspection apparently sent her a warning letter.

“We’re no longer allowed to use our driveway to park, because of a law that says you have to park at least 30 feet away from the street,” said Freedman.

She adds that there wouldn’t be enough room to park 30 feet between her house and her neighbor’s because “it’s just too narrow.”

A mother of seven who lives across the street is trying to follow the rule, but she says she can’t get out of the driver’s side door of her van.

“It’s a pretty ridiculous problem, actually,” said O’Connor.

He adds that the problem is twofold. First, there’s the 30 foot back rule (which apparently originated in the 1950s).

“If you’re a couple feet into your own personal driveway, there shouldn’t be a problem,” said O’Connor.

But he adds you can still be ticketed, “because you have to have what is called an occupancy permit. The funny thing about that is, we don’t tell you need an occupancy permit.”

One family reportedly had to pay a fine of $2,400, he added.

He said he’s working to void the recent tickets and he asked City Council to consider doing away with the occupancy permit rule for existing driveways, CBS Pittsburgh notes.

He has also requested that the council consider changing the 30-foot rule to a much smaller distance.


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