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What's Tearing Up a Texas Town That Has Residents Worrying for Their Kids' Safety?


"It's much more than simply damage to yards."

A Texas town is complaining about the growing presence of feral, or wild, pigs in town, tearing up yards but also concerning them about greater consequences than just a green lawn.

"Small children could be knocked over by these hogs if they confront the hog accidentally," Ed Futterer, a resident of Kingwood, told KPRC-TV. "It's much more than simply damage to yards."

feral pig Feral pigs running through the Texas town. (Image via KPRC-TV video screenshot)

Fifty residents also concerned about the feral pig population attended a Kingwood Service Association meeting to address the issue, which is about twice as many people that usually show up, according to KPRC.

Although many worry about the hogs from a safety standpoint, the current issue is mainly the damage they are causing.

"Most recently, the Monday before last I saw a family of six in front of our neighborhood, just tearing up the entrance," Marie Camarata said, according to the local news station.

Feral pigs are considered an issue to many across the country. Some raising the hogs have been banned by law from doing so -- with alleged armed raids being conducted in some cases to get rid of them-- and have spoken out for their right to raise the animals as livestock or for hunting operations.

Farmers raising these pigs didn't contest that if on the loose they could be destructive, but maintained they kept them properly penned.

As for them being aggressive, the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife said, like all wild animals, the pigs could be dangerous, "especially when wounded or cornered."

"In a natural state, feral hogs will prefer to run and escape danger, and are not considered dangerous," the state department noted. "Extreme caution should be maintained when tracking wounded animals, trapping animals or encountering females with young. Their razor sharp tusks combined with their lightning speed can cause serious injury."

Watch KPRC's report about the community's concern:

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