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This 'B.S. of A.' Comedy Sketch Mocking the Mainstream Media Really Isn't as Far From Reality as You Might Expect


"Fact-Free News"

Buck Sexton is a man of many talents.

  • He's briefed a U.S. President in the Oval Office (twice).
  • He worked for the CIA as an analyst and was deployed overseas many times.
  • This past summer he was in Syria, Jordan and Egypt as all hell was breaking loose in the region.
  • Buck was a terror analyst for the NYPD and worked with the team that solved the Times Square bombing case.
  • He's TheBlaze's National Security Editor, a co-host of Real News, and hosts a popular weekend show on TheBlaze Radio.
  • And he's probably the one Blaze employee who knows more about firearms than anyone in NYC, Texas or D.C.

So, what is Buck Sexton doing in a sketch on Saturday night's episode of "The B.S. of A.?"

The B.S. of A. Image: TheBlaze TV

We happen to know that Buck's also got a great sense of humor.

Get a sneak peek at "Fact-Free News" - a sketch from Saturday night's new episode of "The B.S. of A.".

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