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Are Truckers Really Going to 'Shut Down' Washington, D.C. This Weekend?


"It has to do with the blatant disregard of our Constitution, the supreme law of this land."

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A number of American truck drivers say they are planning to "shut down" the streets of Washington, D.C. this weekend, and Zeeda Andrews of joined Glenn Beck on his television broadcast Tuesday to explain why.

"It has to do with the blatant disregard of our Constitution, the supreme law of this land," Andrews explained. "[The politicians] have to be held accountable just like me and you. If we break the law, we have to be accountable. So do they. They're no different. Just because they're in a higher place than we are, doesn't mean that they're not accountable."

She added that "every American can participate," and that there's no reason to feel hopeless or helpless.

People "can either go to D.C. with us, let their presence be known, or there's two rallies going on -- one in Virginia, one in Pennsylvania," she said.  "They can go to their state capitols.  They can go to the overpasses. There's many things that they can do. They can strike and boycott and not spend a dollar for three days. That will have a major impact on the establishment."

In recent days, there have been conflicting reports about whether the drivers will actually "shut down" the roadways in Washington, D.C., if they will be honking at specific times to make their presence known, or if the vast number of truckers will simply paralyze traffic without any other action on their end.

Andrews reiterated that they are planning a peaceful protest and their presence alone "speaks volumes." She added that they are not encouraging any kind of disobedience, slamming on breaks, or anything unlawful.

"We have to lead through example. This is our right, this is our duty," she said. "As citizens, people need to unite and not worry about their parties or what they belong to. This is about America."

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