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What to Do if You Find a Snake That Has Eaten a 'Top Flight' Golf Ball


That's not an egg.

A snake mistook a golfball for an edible egg. (Image source: Ohio X via X)

An Ohio resident sensed something was wrong with an Eastern black rat snake she saw in a park Friday. Its stomach was unusually distended.

She brought it to the Ohio Wildlife Center where veterinarians took radiographs that showed it wasn't a large piece of food but a Top Flight golf ball, according to WBNS-TV.

rat snake golfball radiograph A snake mistook a golf ball for an edible egg. (Image source: Ohio Wildlife Center via WBNS)

This type of snake can grow up to eight feet and live up to 20 years, subsisting on a diet of small animals and eggs, according to the local news station. It is the latter this snake probably mistook the golf ball for.

Vets surgically removed the ball, which would have killed the snake, and put it on pain killers. It is expected to recover and then be released back into the wild.

This snake isn't alone in mistaking indigestible golf balls for edible eggs. It seems to be a fairlyregular occurrence.

Watch this Discovery Channel clip showing the removal of four golf balls swallowed by a python thinking it was snacking on chicken eggs (Content warning: potentially graphic footage):



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